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Security Policy

We value our customers very highly and we adopt all available means to ensure that your personal information remains secure and confidential when using our website. We employ numerous security and safety measures to prevent any forms of hacking or breach.


Secure Online Ordering

When you reach the point at which you need to provide sensitive information to us, a padlock icon will appear near the left side of the address bar of your browser. This acts as a certificate that signifies that you are entering a secure area. This mark is given only to duly acknowledged organizations that maintain good faith and high levels of protection.


We use advanced encryption technology to protect your personal information using several layers of safeguards and firewalls. The padlock icon is visible again which means that the page you are browsing is secured. Clicking on the icon also provides details about our company which proves that we are registered and duly recognized to engage in online transactions. Please see our Online Payments page for more information. After finishing the payment, a message acknowledging the completion of transaction together with a summary of the details will appear on your screen. A copy of the message will also be sent to your email.

Privacy Policy

Any information you provide is handled with utmost confidentiality. Please refer to our Privacy Policy page for further details.


Cookies are temporary plain text files which are stored on your device for the duration of your session at Billyoh. They are needed to track the contents of your shopping basket and to log you in if you have a registered account. Cookies are too small to contain malicious codes and therefore do not present any risk.


Please visit our Contact Us page for any questions regarding our security standards.