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Gas BBQs for Sale

Here at BillyOh, we have a wide range of gas BBQs for sale, featuring various ways of cooking.

We've got everything from larger premium BBQs to cheap BBQs across a range of three-burner, four-burner, and even six-burner barbecues. You can find the best barbecue for a large family or group at a budget price. You won't need to worry about keeping already cooked food warm whilst your prepare the rest! And our Huntsville and Matrix BBQs are great examples of this - with options for side burners or side plates, you can cook on and off the grill.


Furthermore, we offer gas burners ranging from those with one burner to six burners. However, if you're more interested in cheap gas BBQs, two-burner or three-burner barbecues could be your best option. This is because they allow you to cater to a relatively large number of people at once on a BBQ grill at a budget price. With these grills, you won't need to worry about keeping your food warm while preparing the rest.

Just be sure to choose the right grill for your outdoor occasion. You want the size that will allow you to quickly serve your guests whether it's our six-burner grill for a large garden party or our three-burner grill for a small gathering. We even have you covered for a camping trip with our Red Portable Camping Barbecue. There's nothing better than the smell and taste of homemade grilled food after a long day of hiking. So, enjoy the sunny outdoors with your new BBQ.

And our huge range of BillyOh barbecues includes charcoal models as well as gas. But bear in mind that gas BBQs tend to be much more convenient than charcoal grills. With electronic ignition and separate heat controls for individual grills, there's no more waiting for charcoals to light. There's also no need to worry about stacking, lighting or using starter fluid. Perfect for hungry guests who want their food in a rush! Just imagine coming home from work and not having to wait for your BBQ kitchen to heat up before you can fill your stomach. Sounds good? We sure think so.

And, when compared to charcoal barbecues like an oil drum BBQ, our hooded BBQs are perfect for retaining heat whilst staying safe. With a hooded gas BBQ you can get your grill up to temperature quickly and keep it that way. This is very different to charcoal drum BBQs and smokers where adjusting the grill height allows for low and slow cooking. With a gas BBQ, simply turn the heat knob to get the perfect sear or slow-cooked meat!

So invest in a quality BillyOh gas BBQ, gather your friends and family and start grilling your favourite food, whether it be hot dogs or vegan burgers, burgers or veggie skewers! We take pride in the fact our stainless steel and enamel grills are made using high-quality materials to ensure you'll be able to enjoy delicious grilled meals for as long as you want. Additionally, we ensure our barbecue grills are easy to maintain after grilling. Cleaning it before putting it away in the colder months will be a breeze!
To find out more about our burner propane gas BBQ - in particular, a gas BBQ, read the guides over on our blog to help find the relevant barbecue information you need.

Gas vs. Charcoal Grills

A large number of our barbecues are hooded. When compared to charcoal barbecues such as an oil drum BBQ, having a hood can absorb the heat. Having the lid down allows for temperatures to be brought up quickly. Opening the lid will release the built-up heat causing the cooking process to slow down. Whereas with a charcoal drum BBQ, the opposite occurs. Lowering the hood will affect the temperature; however, the vents are positioned. Depending on how the ducts are arranged will determine whether lowering the lid will give you a low or a high temperature. So, you have a considerable amount of control over temperature, unlike with charcoal grills.

Gas BBQs have some other advantages as well. They are safer. Although everyone tries to be careful when grilling, grills can sometimes get toppled over. If this happens with a charcoal grill, you could easily have a dangerous fire. But with a gas BBQ, although the situation is dangerous, it can be turned off, thus limiting the damage. These BBQs are also healthier than charcoal grills as they don't produce a lot of smoke, which is unhealthy to breathe.

Great Tasting Food

We have a strong hunch that you'd agree there's nothing like the smell of marinated meats being seared on a hot porcelain-coated grill. So what better could you make than to invest in a gas BBQ. Then, gather your friends in the great outdoors and start grilling your favourite food, whether it be meats, sausage, hot dogs, or vegetables. We take pride in the fact our stainless steel grills are made using materials that will ensure you'll be able to enjoy delicious grilled meals for as long as you want.

Easy Clean-up and Storage

Additionally, we ensure that our stainless steel barbecue grills are easy to maintain after cooking. So, cleaning your stainless steel grill before putting it away for the colder months will be a breeze!

To find out more about our burner propane gas BBQ, particularly a gas BBQ, read our guides. You should be able to find all of the information you need to make the most of your new BBQ grill.

Gas Grill

Perfectly manage your cooking temperature with propane or butane as a fuel source. The heat source from built-in gas barbecue grills and individual burners allows you to fully customise your cooking experience. And with built-in thermometers, you can make sure you never burn food again!

If you're undecided as to whether gas BBQs or charcoal BBQs are better suited to you. Bear in mind that gas BBQs tend to be much more convenient than charcoal grills. This is true because the fire is likely to flame as soon as you turn on the barbecue. Therefore, no more waiting around for the coals to glow. There is also no need to worry about stacking, lighting, or using smelly starter fluid. This makes our BBQ grills perfect for those who want their food in a rush. Imagine coming home from work and not having to wait for your BBQ to heat up before you can fill your stomach. You'll be happy, and so will your family. No more having your kids repeatedly ask when dinner will be done. Also, when the cooking is done, cleaning your grill is easy. So you can enjoy your backyard or a nice hike if you're camping.

Cooking Space

Not only do our gas BBQs help you make the most of your outdoor spaces, the cooking grate also features loads of usable cooking space - even on a 3-burner model! And as well as cooking, there's also storage space in cabinets, side shelves, and utensils hooks featured on many of our gas barbecue models to make preparation easy and streamlined.

Portable Barbecue - Tennessee Black Portable Gas BBQ

Just take a look at our Tennessee BBQ portable gas grill for example. Who said portable charcoal grills were the only game in town? You can still have a high-quality gas BBQ that's portable as many of our models feature wheels. So get that smokey joe flavour on the move!

Fuel, Fuel Type & Heat

Many of our gas BBQ models come with a regulator to attach to your fuel line or hose to keep you safe. With propane or butane as a direct fuel source, your gas barbeque will get up to heat and stay there in no time at all.

Our Range 3, 4, & 6 Burner Gas BBQs

From a silver 4 burner gas BBQ grill to a slightly smaller model with our 3 burner Matrix gas BBQ with a side gas burner, we've got it all. Featuring high-quality stainless steel construction on burners and many of our models, you can be sure of a quality product.

Yes, most BBQ models feature removable grill plates which can either be soaked in warm soapy water or even put through the dishwasher. Read this quick guide to cleaning a BBQ for more info.

A gas barbecue grill offers quicker cooking and less set-up and clean down than a charcoal grill. Whilst temperatures are less likely to get as high as a charcoal BBQ for that traditional smokey flavour or sear, gas BBQs will be cheaper to run and easier to maintain overall.

With a large range of 3, 4, or 6 burner gas BBQs, we like to think that we've got a Matrix or Huntsville model to fit most medium to large families. On our more budget-friendly end we even have portable grills like our Tennesse model. But for real grillmasters after larger grills, why not check out our BillyOh Alabama with side burner and side sink?

Unlike the coals for a Kettle grill, gas BBQs don't require coals. They run off of butane or propane gas and may even be able to be connected to your natural gas line with a conversion kit. If you want the best of gas and coals, however, take a look at our BillyOh Montana dual fuel hybrid BBQ.

To clean a gas BBQ:
  • Make sure gas is off and disconnected and your BBQ is fully cooled down.
  • You can check your gas hose to perforations by rubbing some dilute soapy water along it - look for bubble formations around air gaps.
  • Start by using a wire BBQ brush to scrape off excess food.
  • Either wipe down or remove grills and soak.
  • Clean burner bars or burners and remove debris from the bottom of your gas BBQ.
  • Wipe down the exterior with stainless steel spray or dilute soapy water.

You can even find more cleaning tips and hacks right here.

If you're still unsure about getting a gas BBQ, check out this complete guide. Once you've done that, have a look around our tips & recipes blog.