LED Exit Signs

Shop from our extensive emergency lighting range that includes everything from emergency exit signs to bulkheads and LED emergency exit signs. Ensure safe and proper emergency illumination in your building, or on your site today.

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LED Exit Signs UK

With options for lights with LED technology, shop from BillyOh's many types of emergency lights to get your building up to code today.

Wide Range of Emergency Lighting

We offer a range of emergency lighting products including hanging and recessed LED signs and spotlights. No matter what area of your building you need to light - from corridors to exits and stairwells, we've got you covered.

Main Power and Batteries For Emergency Duration

And with maintained and non-maintained operation options, your lights have backup reserves in case of power failure. Not be caught out during a power outage and direct people safely.

Designed For Commercial and Residential Buildings

Emergency lighting may be a requirement for your business or building. If so, a range of LED emergency lights may need to be employed. This might include hanging exit route signs as well as emergency spotlights and bulkheads. So shop this range for cost-effective solutions.

For Emergency Exits and Escape Routes

Exit signs and emergency signage can help highlight safe routes for exiting a building during emergencies. Our safety signs will point customers or tenants towards the nearest exit. So pick up a double-sided emergency exit sign today. Or, get in touch with our friendly team for more info.