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6 Burner Gas Barbecues UK

Our 6 burner gas BBQs are the premium choice amongst our wide range of summer grills. If outdoor cooking is your forte, you've come to the right place!

Gas Bottle Fuel Source

Most six-burner barbecues run off butane and propane gas, but check the individual model's instructions to make sure. You can purchase propane gas cylinders at most hardware stores or online.

Gas vs Charcoal

While traditional charcoal barbecues are great - after all, we do sell them - a gas barbecue offers many modern features that a charcoal BBQ simply can't. Among them is the fact that a gas barbecue warms up much quicker than a charcoal one, it's also easier to clean and maintain, and you get complete control over the temperature with a gas model, as opposed to a charcoal one on where you'll simply rely on the elements.

Seven burners

While we market our XL barbecues as having six stainless steel burners, there's actually seven in total due to the bonus single burner that comes on the left of the two 'wings' of the barbecue. It's designed for keeping food warm between cooking and serving while you get the rest of the items ready and is a great little addition to an already fantastic barbecue.

Multiple benefits

The benefits of a six burner gas BBQ are endless. You can cook more and bigger slabs of meat and cater for more people at the same time. Delicious food will be ready much quicker. What's great, however, is that each burner features electronic ignition, so you can turn on as many - or as little - as you need at any time, depending on how many mouths you've got to feed.


Ideal for outdoors, and easy and quick to assemble, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try the BillyOh 6 Burner Gas BBQ. Prepare your back garden with our premium 6 burner gas BBQ and cook up a storm during the warm summer months!

Aside from that, our 6 burner gas BBQ series gives you additional space with one full-length side table with 3 stainless steel hooks which will keep your utensils close at hand. Other features of our six burner barbecues include a built-in thermometer for the monitoring of cooking temperature and a cabinet underneath for the storage of cooking utensils, plates, cups, glasses, cutlery and anything else you might need for the perfect summer's evening.

Each 6 burner gas BBQ also comes equipped with wheels for a lightweight, portable design and ultimate ease of transportation around the garden after use.

Both propane and butane are highly flammable gases, which makes them great for lighting barbecues and cooking. Propane gas is much more common in the UK due to it having a lower boiling point than butane (meaning it's more suited to our colder climate). Butane is a bit cheaper, less toxic and more energy-efficient than propane, but will only burn well in summer.

Gas barbecues are great for people who like having a spontaneous barbecue. Unlike a charcoal BBQ, you won't need to wait for it to heat up before you start cooking. Gas BBQs usually come in bigger sizes than charcoal barbecues as well. They're also much more modern; you can regulate the temperature of a gas barbecue and get a completely even cook, just like with an oven.

Nope, a gas barbecue just needs gas canisters.

You'll need to make sure your gas canister is connected to your regulator and then the barbecue first. Then simply turn on your barbecue using the burner knobs on the front of the device.

There's no right answer to this one; charcoal and gas barbecues both have their pros and cons and suit different people for different situations. Charcoal barbecues are cheaper and produce the iconic smokey barbecue flavour, but they are harder to clean and take longer to heat up. With a gas barbecue, you can monitor the temperature and cook quicker, but you might lose some of that traditional flavour.