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4 Burner Gas BBQs

Browse our range of 4-Burner Barbecues here at BillyOh. 4-Burners are popular as a great middle ground between size and cooking power for BBQs. With fewer gas burners than a 6-Burner Gas BBQ, but more cooking space than average charcoal BBQs, a 4-burner barbecue is the perfect mid-range option for people who want to cater for a range of people.

Fancy making outdoor cooking your hobby and becoming the ultimate outdoor chef? Then invest in a gas bbq 4 burner from BillyOh.

BillyOh Matrix 4 Burner Gas BBQ

BillyOh Huntsville 4 Burner Gas BBQ

BillyOh Huntsville 4 Burner Gas BBQ

£275 £369 SAVE UP TO £94
BillyOh Alabama 4 Burner Gas BBQ with Sink

BillyOh Alabama 4 Burner Gas BBQ with Sink

£619 £710 SAVE UP TO £91
*Subject to delivery postcode


What size BBQ do I need?

4 burner gas BBQs are perfect for mid-to-large gatherings. The extra-large cooking area means that you can likely fit a good 8-12 meat items on the grill at any one time, whether that's burgers, sausages, or chicken products. If you're feeding a whole party of 20-30, a 6 burner might suit you better. Alternatively, if it's just for a family of 4-6, or you don't have barbecues too regularly, a smaller gas or charcoal barbie might be best.

What's better, a gas barbecue or a charcoal barbecue?

Gas barbecues are the modern younger brother of charcoal barbecues. Traditional kettle barbecues, oil drum barbecues and the disposable barbecues you can buy from the local supermarket are all charcoal-powered. You light charcoal with a firelighter or flammable material such as paper or cardboard and cook via the heat emitted by the charcoal.

Many people these days opt for a gas barbecue, though. Much like the rings on a hob, turning all four burners on at the same time will allow for even heat distribution across the entire BBQ grill, meaning you know exactly how hot you're cooking at, and all of your delicious food should be ready at the same time (assuming you put it on the grill at the same time). Gas BBQs give you optimal control over the way you cook your food.

Do you offer free delivery?

We offer free mainland delivery to most of the UK, dependent on delivery postcode. Delivery times vary.

How to clean a gas BBQ?

Cleaning one of our 4 burner gas BBQs is easy. You can wipe the grill down with a dishcloth, or use a sponge scourer or brush if it's a bit greasy or there's any charred meat stuck to the grill. Then use a sponge and some soapy water to clean around the burners, and ideally, leave it to dry.

Gas Barbecue UK

Despite the fact that a 4 burner gas bbq will have fewer stainless steel burners than its 6-burner counterpart, they're no less capable or fancy. In fact, some of our 4 burner gas BBQs are some of the most technical, flashy and sought-after barbecues that we stock.

4 Burner BBQs UK

Just take the Alabama, our premium model, for example. While only possessing four burners, its other incredible assets make it one of our most popular products. As a 'full-kitchen barbecue', it features a hood, which is great for protecting the barbecue from harsh weather conditions when storing it outside and for generating more heat during cooking. Gas bbq's make life easier (and tastier)!

It features a sink on the left-hand wing for easy hand-washing during food preparation and a side-burner on a convenient built-in side table on the right. This offers additional space for keeping food warm while other stuff's still smoking away on the main grill, or for secondary cooking when you might want to cook something slowly rather than searing it.


Endless Features

The features of a 4 gas burner bbq don't end there. Across the entire range, our barbecues feature a temperature gauge for monitoring grill temperature, allowing you to be extremely precise when cooking up the ultimate feast. Most of our barbecues also come with a cabinet trolley for storing any utensils or crockery, and a selection of fixed and castor wheels.

Stainless Steel Barbecue

Stainless steel burners are what makes an outdoor gas bbq! To light a gas barbecue, you'll need propane or butane gas, the former of which is much more common in the UK. It usually comes in the form of a propane tank, canister or bottle which you connect to the barbecue via a regulator. This is what gives the barbecue the fuel it needs to light the burners. Find the perfect 4 burner gas bbq sale right here.