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It’s hard to get enthusiastic about having to get the weekly washing load done – especially when it comes to hanging the garments and getting them dried quickly. Our 12m Single Retractable Washing Line is designed to make life as easy as possible, helping you make the most of your garden while also allowing you keep to its use flexible for other activities.

It features a single washing line that can be extended for up to 12 metres, remaining sturdily in place while you hang your wet clothes for drying. One frustration many garden owners have with washing lines is the need for them to be permanently in place, but this product gives you the freedom to remove the line any time it is not in use.

Some people may also benefit from our 12m Single Retractable Washing Line if they do not have much space indoors to dry their clothes. Smaller homes also sometimes suffer from damp, which drying clothes can also aggravate, so this gives you more control. It comes with all the fixtures required to position it firmly in place and can be clipped off just as easily.

If you choose to remove the 12m Single Retractable Washing Line when not in use you won’t need much storage space in the cupboard or shed. The product also features UV stable protective casing to protect the material even during the height of summer. It’s incredibly easy to use and will make your life that much easier when it comes getting through your weekly chores.