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Wet and dry vacuuming is just one of the many household and job site tasks that we cater to at BillyOh with our extensive range of power tools.

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Shop for quality at cost with wet and dry vacuums and handheld mop and steamer cleaners. Get floors, surfaces and carpets in perfect condition again with our DIY tools.


Wet & Dry Vacuum

A dry vacuum cleaner, naturally, utilises a powerful motor to suck up dry materials - perfect for dust, food debris, and dirt. But for heavy-duty professional cleaning, you might require a wet & dry vacuum cleaner. What makes this type of compact vacuum cleaner ideal is the ability to deal with liquid spills at the same time - saving carpets from the mess soaking in.


A dual-purpose vacuum cleaner saves you the trouble of mopping and dabbing at stains by collecting dry and liquid dirt simultaneously.


With an innovative filter made from foam for liquid, keep both wet and dry filters clean - and make your life easier in the process!


With powerful suction rated at 16 max. kPa, the wet and dry capacity of our vacuums makes them perfect for residential or commercial use (like cleaning offices). A 10L tank capacity and strong suction power mean that you can clean for extended periods effectively.