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Telluria Luminato Steel Garden Room

Expand the way you live with the Luminato Steel Garden Room from Telluria. A sleek, versatile, and durable steel garden building, the Luminato gives you a whole new space to use for relaxing, working, exercising or whatever you need room for. With a fully-glazed door, two floor-to-ceiling windows, in-built ventilation and a pre-insulated roof, the interior space is airy, bright, and comfortable.
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  • Hot-Dipped 0.9mm Galvanised Steel Double-Walled Panels
  • Secure double-door entrance with inset plexiglass glazing
  • Two large floor-to-ceiling windows provide a wealth of light
  • Available in two different sizes (2.4m x 2.4m & 3m x 3m)
  • Insulated Pent Roof at a 2-degree angle
  • 120mm Space Between Walls Ideal For Insulation Or Installing Electrical Points
  • Built-In Ventilation To Circulate Air And Reduce Moisture Buildup
  • UV, Fire & Wind Resistant Exterior
  • Minimal Maintenance Requirements
  • Integrated Gutter With Outlet To Provide A Reliable Water Run Off
  • Delivered In Kit Form With Wall Panels For Easy Assembly
  • Valuables Stay Secure With The Cylinder Lock And Two Keys
  • 20-Year Manufacturer Warranty For Added Peace Of Mind
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why buy a Telluria Garden Room?

20-Year Warranty
20-Year Warranty

Long-lasting warranty provided by the manufacturer

Maintenance Free
Maintenance Free

Steel construction requires less maintenance than a timber building

Simple Assembly
Simple Assembly

Delivered in an easy-to-assemble
panel kit

Contemporary Style
Contemporary Style

Super-modern and attractive graphite metal exterior

Telluria Luminato Steel Garden Room

Telluria Luminato Steel Garden Room
Luxury Garden Room

The Luminato is a Garden Room designed both for functional, practical use and for comfort. Available in two different sizes, the Luminato gives you choice and flexibility for your space allowing you to tailor it towards your intended use. The interior is made homely with the pre-insulated roof and large windows that wrap around the building - making it warm and bright inside.

Modern Wall Panels

Made from wall panels that have been designed with durable and multi-purpose use in mind. Each panel is constructed with two cladding layers surrounding a 120mm internal air gap which provides natural ventilation, while also being the ideal space to install insulation or electrical wiring and outlets. The roof is insulated as standard with its 4cm sandwich panels.

Security and Strength

Reliability and durability are assured with the Luminato thanks to its cutting-edge design. The steel exterior is UV, Fire, and Weather resistant which makes for a building that can take on the elements with no fuss. Additional security is provided by the cylinder locking system, with features such as in-built ventilation and guttering adding to its robustness.

Key Features

Insulated Roof

Experience optimal comfort in the Luminato, equipped with pre-installed roof insulation for a cosy interior. You also have the option to insulate the walls and seal the thermal envelope for added efficiency. Capable of accepting up to 100mm of insulation in the walls.

Bright and Breezy Windows

The Luminato is covered in floor-to-ceiling double-glazed plexiglass windows, providing the interior with swathes of natural light. Two windows in the outward-facing wall and two windows set into the double doors make the inside a light, comfortable space.

Strong and Durable Construction

The hot-dipped 0.9mm galvanised steel double-walled panels guarantee longevity. Built from a steel interior, the panel is hot-dipped and coated in pre-treatment primer, before being given an interior and exterior coating.

Built-In Ventilation

Breathe easy in the Luminato building, which features strategically placed vents that promote airflow, reduce moisture, and improve air quality.

Double Door & Secure Lock System

Easy access to the Luminato comes from its double doors, equipped with a cylinder lock system that provides a reliable and effective method of protecting your belongings. Comes with two keys as standard.

Panel Assembly

With our easy-to-install panel kit, assembling your metal garden building is a breeze - simply join the steel wall panels together to create your new structure.

Steel Garden Room

Make the most of your space with the Luminato Garden Room. With its pre-insulated roof and the ability to easily install insulation and electrical outpoints, this building provides the means to expand the living space of your entire home. Build a new office, a place to relax, a hobby studio - or whatever you need to get the most out of your space.
Steel Garden Room

Perfect for Modern Gardens

If you’ve been searching for a garden room that meets your style requirements, then the Luminato is sure to meet them. The pent roof with a two-degree pitch creates a contemporary silhouette, while the graphite exterior allows it to blend in effortlessly with modern colour schemes.
Perfect for Modern Gardens

More about the Telluria Luminato Steel Garden Room...

There’s a new kind of garden room on the block - and this one is made with Steel. The Luminato, created by Belgian designers Telluria, is a modern garden room that utilises advanced steel panels to create a strong, secure and attractive garden building.

Sleek modern design

The Luminato Steel Garden Room is not just practical, but stylish too. Its sleek graphite grey finish, flat roof, and sleek framed windows and glazed door all contribute to a modern silhouette that fits perfectly in the most fashionable gardens.

Comfortable indoor space

With a fully-glazed door and two floor-to-ceiling windows, the Luminato is always full of natural light, providing an airy and bright space. The pre-insulated roof and in-built ventilation ensure a comfortable interior climate for all-year use. Plus, with two sizes available, the Luminato Metal Garden Room can be suited for any garden and give you the space you need.

Long-lasting weather resistance

This sleek and durable garden building is made from weather-resistant and maintenance-free steel panels which are designed to last for years. They’re so reliable that every building comes with a 20-year warranty provided by the manufacturer, Telluria.

Assembly & Delivery

Delivered in kit form with wall panels for easy assembly, the Luminato is quick and hassle-free to put together, with no waste generated during construction. Delivery across the UK mainland is also available free of charge - simply take your Luminato to the checkout and enter your postcode to find out if you’re eligible.

Dimensions 2.4m x 2.4m (8x8ft) 3m x 3m (10x10ft)
Width (External) 258cm 318cm
Depth (External) 258cm 318cm
Width (Internal) 210cm 270cm
Depth (Internal) 210cm 270cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 87cm x 198cm 177cm x 198cm
Height 219cm 219cm
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our products.


Before installing your Telluria building, you must have a flat and level foundation. Failure to create a flat/level foundation will mean spacers will be required, creating an opening under the frame where water can penetrate./p>

If you intend to use a concrete surface, this must be as smooth as possible to prevent water from passing underneath. Porous concrete, joints, etc., will not result in an absolute seal.

We recommend making the concrete slab 10 cm wider than the building itself. It is best to slope this extra 10 cm away from the construction so the water drains off naturally and does not pool against the building.
You can insulate your Telluria building; this personal preference will depend on how you intend to utilise your Telluria Garden Room. The roof comes insulated as standard, but the outer walls are not. You can place flexible 8 cm thick rock wool between the profiles and neatly finish the inside with a Telluria inner wall.
As with the insulation, your Telluria building can easily be adapted to feature electrical provisions if required. Holes are provided at various places in the panels to feed electricity provisions. To connect your Telluria to an electrical supply, you must put the electricity provisions in place before starting the construction.

The water drainage pipe is always located at the rear, right-hand side of your Telluria installation. If you opt for an extension to the left, the water drainage pipe is located at the rear on the right. If you opt for an extension to the right, the water drainage pipe is in the middle of the construction.

The following applies to the larger models below (always for a front view): Garage 3654 + 5436 Plus + Luminato 5436: The water drain pipe is located on the left-hand side at the rear.

The model type determines whether a single or double door is provided. You cannot choose this yourself. The door is always located at the front of the Telluria Elegance or Luminato installation. It is not possible to place the door on the side.
We provide a 20-year guarantee against rust on our Elegance, Luminato, garage ranges and fencing. The warranty is voided when grinding in the materials.